Международный Байкальский фестиваль зимних игр - Зимниада 2004
International Baikal Nordic Games Festival - Winteriada 2004
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Accomodation in Small Sea region


  • "Enhok" Tour Camp offers cozy wooden houses each to accommodate 2-4 people (maximum number is 12). Sauna services are available.
    Price with F/B:
    • 75 USD - with 2 persons sharing 1 twin room.

  • "Chara" Tour Camp offers cozy wooden houses each to accommodate 2-3 people and rooms for 2, 3 and 4 guests.
    Price with F/B:
    • 35 USD per person.

  • "Laguna" Tour Camp. All houses at this tour base are built of square timber. During summer time tourists are accommodated in 2,3 and 4 bed rooms. Each has a separate entrance from the outside. Rooms are furnished with chairs tables shelves and racks. Washing stands are located outside under a shed. Some of the houses are furnished with larger size beds, summer showers and wood stoves.
    In wintertime tourists are accommodated in insulated wooden houses with wood stoves. Open type toilets are built 50m away from living quarters. Meals are served in a separate building. One part of the dining room operates only in Summer time. The other one has a fireplace and can be used all the year round. A variety of fish and meat dishes as well as beverages are for you to appreciate.
    Meals, cooked of fresh ecologically clean products are served 3 times a day. Traditional Siberian dishes cooked of Baikal fish prevail.
    The tour camp is located in a remote area and there are no power lines. A limited amount of electricity is provided by a generator only during the dark. Rooms have lights but no sockets. One can charge his video camera in the dining room.
    Russian steam sauna is available on request.
    Price with F/B:
    • DBL пїЅ 35 USD
    • 4 bed пїЅ 20USD

  • "Dar Baikal" Tour Camp. The tour base is located a mile away from the coastline of the Small Sea in the heart of Mukhur gulf. 4 cozy two-storied log cabins, designed to accommodate 8 people each. The first floor is heated by wood stoves and can be used all the year round. The second floor is suitable only for Summer time.
    All rooms are furnished with bio toilets.
    Dining room and a bar are located in a separate building. It is spacious enough to conduct various parties, banquets and disco. Corner fireplaces provide comfort and warmth.
    Russian steam sauna and a volleyball court for recreational activities.
    Price with F/B:
    • SGL - USD 50
    • DBL - USD 40

  • "Frigate" lodge is located only 100 m. away from the shore of Small Sea Bay. Accommodation in wooden houses at rooms for 2 and 3 guests. The lodge includes 3 guest houses for total number of guest пїЅ up to 26. Each house has dining room. Price per person (doest not include meals):
    • DBL - 25 USD
    • TRPL - 20 USD

Transfer services

number of pax
4 - 6
16 & more
Airport "Irkutsk"- City Hotel
Railway Station "Irkutsk"- City Hotel
Irkutsk city - Small Sea

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